About Arijan

A front-end professional with a strong portfolio in web development, including experience in digital design.

A Chief Marketing Officer at AJ Media overseeing and managing the planning, development and execution of marketing & tech systems directing the company to it's primary objectives.

Co-Founder of Ikarus Agency as the lead web developer which takes care of the infrastructure, security, development and optimization of clients' websites

Technologies I'm fluent In:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • SEO
  • Front-End
  • UI Design

My Skills

What I do

It's my job to ensure that your audience can interact with your brand in a way that makes sense for them, whether they're on a computer or a phone.

I will take care of the design, creation, and optimization of your website while taking care it fits your brand image and style.

Experience I have

I have broad experience in developing and managing interactive websites optimized for performance, user-experience and technical SEO

My expertise also includes website hosting, domain setup and maintenance and creative design that matches my clients' brand style and image.

What to expect

You can expect delivery of high-quality work within the agreed-upon time frame and budget.

Honesty is the main part of my philosophy. Therefore, If I don't feel qualified to do a good enough job and come up with an approach that works for the best of us , I won't take the project.

Projects I've made

AJ Media Project

As the Chief Marketing Officer, my job at AJ Media was to ensure a trustworthy online presence by developing a website where potential clients could get all the information they need.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Alex Marketing Project

Alex was in need of a website to promote his Instagram Coaching services to potential clients and convert more customers.
I maintain his website and frequently update his blog.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Figma
  • JavaScript

Ikarus Agency Project

As the Co-Founder of a three-person team Ikarus Agency, I took the lead role of designing the website and optimizing it for performance as well as providing the main creative design necessary.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • GitHub
  • JavaScript

MrTortilla Landing Page

My contribution to MrTortilla's landing page design and development has helped them increase conversion rates and eased the efforts of their marketing team.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Zipify
  • Shopify

How I build websites

1. Discovery session

We talk about your business and goals. We will look at the 30k foot view of the websites functionality, pages, and needs to reach your goals. This strategy is crucial to success.

2. Custom web design

Using the discovery session I build a custom design tailored to suit your needs. I leave no stone unturned as I make sure your website accurately represents your business.

3. Web development

Next, I build out your website and hop on a video call to review it with you.

After some tweaks are made, It's launch time.

4. Launch

I provide the necessary support for continued success with your website. This includes documentation on updating and managing your new website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know you're gonna bring me results?
I carry out in-depth market research of the industry your brand is in before even thinking about the design of your landing page.

After I determine what works best in the industry, I begin designing and developing your landing page/website.
What's your guarantee?
I can guarantee to increase the volume of traffic directed to your website by applying PROVEN SEO strategies.

After fresh traffic reaches your website, a unique design tailored to the identity of your brand will engage and form a deeper connection that effectively address all the pain points your customer might have.
What are your prices?
My approach to each project is different, I pay extra attention to client requests.
Therefore, a fixed price cannot be determined without researching your needs & liking.

As a highly skilled and experienced freelance website developer, I offer unparalleled value to clients through my competitive pricing, made possible by my independent contractor status and absence of agency overhead costs.
What makes your different from other web developers?
  • Custom Design that reflects your brand's image
  • A significant boost to your website's engagement and conversion rate (exact number after market research)
  • Deep understanding of human psychology and "buy triggers"
  • Experienced with solving any type of issue with past clients
  • Strong focus on market research and in-depth planning

Let's work together